Mike "Sting"

Mike, callsign "Sting" is a retired USN Commander.  Mike became interested in CrossFit through a co-worker who introduced him to the main CrossFit website and began trying the WODs at the Pax River Drill Hall in 2009.  Prior to that, he had run, biked, and weighlifted.  While many of the WODs could be done at a conventional gym, there were many that could not due equipment (metal weights, no rings, ropes, or kettlebells, etc.).  Also, while trying to learn complex movements without a coach to correct improper form, many bad habits were formed.  He joined CrossFit PAX in July 2013 and encountered the excellent coaching staff who were able to quickly correct his form and improve his overall fitness.  He joined the staff as a co-owner in January 2014 and obtained Level 1 Certificate in March 2014.

As a Coach and owner, Mike’s goal is to ensure that CrossFit PAX is one of the best CrossFit gyms in the country.  He strives to maintain excellence in the coaching staff, and motivate every athlete to achieve their maximum potential. 

Favorite WOD: Fight Gone Bad (the first WOD I did!)

Favorite Food: Steak, medium-rare

Hobbies: Boating, tinkering, aviation



Christy (Head Coach)

Christy spent 7 years in the Navy and was a life-long athlete playing competitive soccer and college volleyball. Unfortunately due to injury in the Navy, 8 knee surgeries and 2 babies, Christy gained 40 pounds and found herself without strength, mobility, and the fitness she had taken for granted most of her young adult life.   Luckily, she was introduced to CrossFit and began her journey to be healthy and fit again.    Christy says, “ I love CrossFit because it pushes me to achieve things beyond what I think I am capable.  For me that started with getting to the bottom of a squat, then my first ever pull up, then my first ever rope climb and the list goes on and on.  Part of my love of CrossFit is always expanding that list and working on the next first.”   Christy became a CrossFit coach because she wants to help others achieve their goals too.  She is passionate about helping people improve their fitness and nutrition regardless of their starting point.

Favorite WOD: Anything with heavy weights

Favorite Food: Coffee no doubt… and ice cream for treat days.

Hobbies: Spending time with my husband and my little boys, CrossFit of course, playing guitar, hiking

What motivates Christy?:    Only a few months after I got certified as a personal trainer, I lost a lifelong friend, a mom of only 30 years old, to obesity related causes.   I was devastated.  Our modern “standard american diet” and our lack of exercise is so dangerous.  For me it is simple.  I want to help people be healthy and enjoy life and all its adventures with their family and friends.



ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

USAW Club Coach

CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer

Ace Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist



Katie started CrossFit in July of 2013 at CrossFit PAX and was immediately drawn to the challenging nature as well as the sense of community and comradery that CrossFit offers. Prior to starting CrossFit, Katie coached competitive gymnastics for ten years and found it to be a truly rewarding experience as it fulfilled her desire to help others achieve goals. Late in 2014 Katie realized how much she missed coaching so she decided to get her CrossFit Level 1 trainer certification and put her years of coaching experience to use at CrossFit PAX. Katie’s favorite aspect of coaching CrossFit is being able to best suit the needs to accommodate each individual athlete to ensure they are getting the most out of their CrossFit experience.

Favorite WOD: All of them, even death by burpees

Favorite Food: Wings and Beer

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, watching sports, being anywhere warm and sunny and sleeping

What motivates Katie? Her competitive nature and desire to better not only other athletes, but also push herself to be the best athlete possible.

USAG Gymnastics Coach


Christine has always had an active lifestyle growing up whether it was looking for an adventure outdoors or playing organized sports.  While at the University of Maryland she decided to make it her course of study and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology.  While there she also began her career in the fitness industry teaching group fitness classes.  After college she transitioned into Personal Training and working as a Rehab Tech in Physical Therapy clinics.  Starting Crossfit in 2010 fueled Christine’s passion for understanding human movement and helping people move better. Which has led to her creation of The Wellness Theory and her practice of Fascial Stretch Therapy. Christine believes that it doesn’t matter where you start, just that you do.

Favorite WOD: Anything chipper

Favorite Food: Yes, please.

Any activity that involves connecting to nature, time with family and friends

What motivates Christine?  Teamwork


 Bachelors in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland
 Crossfit Movement and Mobility
 Crossfit Strongman
 Fascial Stretch Therapist with the Stretch to Win Institute



Clark grew up with active parents and played just about every sport throughout his youth and was a multi-sport athlete in high school and college. Four years in the Marine Corps and the last 20+ years in the government - working out and staying active was the norm. Clark ran multiple road races includIng a marathon, adventure races, Tough Mudder, and GORUCK. Clark met Tess in 2012 and the standard gym routine became mundane; they were looking for a change. They found CrossFit PAX in January 2014 and becoming a part of the community was a natural fit. He joined the staff as a coach in January 2016.

Favorite WOD: MURPH

Favorite Food: Oysters & Beer.

Hobbies: Any sport, paddle boarding, surfing, finding new adventurous family activities.

What motivates Clark?:  To be a better husband, father, coach and athlete - every day. CrossFit is not my life, but I CrossFit so I can have a life and be awesome at it. (Try) not to lose to Tess or CJ in a WOD.





Growing up Tess was always active and played multiple competitive sports for her high school, travel teams and college. After joining the work force and having children Tess found herself lazy with her exercising and careless with her food intake which quickly increased her weight and started taking a toll on her health. After a few years of dealing with being very overweight she decided this was not who she wanted to be and that it was time for a change. She got on a good diet (lifestyle change) and started working out which eventually led to losing over 100lbs.
 In 2012 Tess met Clark and they worked out together in the normal gym scene for a while but quickly realized they both wanted and needed a change, something that would motivate them and push them beyond their limits which is when they found their love for CrossFit. After a few years of doing CrossFit and sharing her journey with her fellow athletes Tess realized she wanted to take her training to the next level and become a coach so that she could continue to help inspire and motive other athletes to keep working and pushing hard to reach their goals!

Favorite WOD: I love Partner WODs and chippers!

Favorite Food: Cadbury Cream Eggs (thank goodness they are year round now……but only indulge on my cheat night!)

Hobbies: Spending time with my family doing anything active such as hiking, swimming,
paddle boarding, surfing, playing sports, etc.

What motivates Tess?:  Seeing where I have come from and hearing my journey motivate others to get fit and healthy



CrossFit Sport Specific



In 2013, I realized that college and eating poorly had started taking its toll on my health. Shortly after realizing that I needed to make a lifestyle change, a group of friends introduced me to CrossFit PAX.  Right away I enjoyed the constantly varied workout scheme and camaraderie.  In short I was hooked.  Crossfit got me back on track to becoming healthy and has allowed me to push my body further than I previously thought possible.  As a coach I hope that I can help others achieve their fitness goals and push themselves to levels that they previously thought were impossible.  

Favorite WOD: Anything w/o handstand pushups!

Favorite Food: BACON

Hobbies: I enjoy music festivals/concerts, playing guitar, snowboarding, woodworking and hanging with friends and family

What motivates Brandon?: Seeing new athletes get PR's



Mike V.

Mike V. has been in the Marine Corps since 2005 and is a life-long athlete and competitor. He ran track in high school and played soccer in high school, college, and for the Marine Corps. Mike is an avid gym-goer and has been for over a decade. Thanks to a good friend and great athlete, he was convinced to give CrossFit a try, which has resulted in a regular participation since March 2015. Mike V. enjoys the challenge and sense of community provided by "this outstanding organization and facility." He enjoys coaching the awesome athletes at CrossFit PAX because he values sharing the benefits of fitness, health, and hard work.

Favorite WOD:  Anything challenging, so all of them!

Favorite Food:  Pasta, all of it.

Hobbies:  Any kind of fitness, mud runs, playing soccer, volunteering, family and friends, and his dog, Bellybutton.

What Motivates Mike V.?:  Challenge, friendly competition, and increasing my fitness everyday!



ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer


Favorite WOD:  Any type of Chipper.

Favorite Food: Burgers and Steak

Hobbies:  I would have to say Lifting.  I really do not have any hobbies.  I do like to travel with my friends.

What Motivates Angela?:  Feeling strong and fighting age to keep all the muscle I can.  I started CrossFit six years ago and loved the challenge. Gaining strength and muscle are real motivators for me. I competed locally in CrossFit early on and have competed nationally in Olympic lifting.  Both are very scary, but I feel you only grow when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations! 


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Olympic Lifting

CrossFit PowerLifting

USAW Level 1


Growing up, Calvin was active out of necessity. It was practical needs, such as chopping wood for the wood stove or moving stone for the driveway. However, Calvin began running in high school and has been an avid runner ever since. He has completed multiple half-marathons, marathons, and ultra-marathons. He has practiced Tae Kwon Do since 2004 and currently teaches the art locally. Calvin has been a member of CrossFit PAX since 2013, and has not looked back. He has a lot of room to improve in WODs that involve heavy weights, but feels more comfortable in the longer WODs that require the athlete to "just keep moving." 

Favorite WOD:  Whitten

Favorite Food:  Cheesesteaks

Hobbies:  Hiking, Traveling, Teaching Tae Kwon Do

What Motivates Calvin?: To be a positive role model for his son.



4th Degree Master Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do


Kevin is from the DC/MD area and grew up playing all kinds of sports. After college, he was doing the regular gym routine when he found CrossFit, which reignited the competitive drive that was missing from his training. After following the website on his own for a while, Kevin saw a sign that CrossFit PAX was opening and was a part of the very first fundamentals class at our current location. He was hooked from the start! It wasn't just because of the friendly competition, but more so because of the amazing coaches and camaraderie/community that seem to go hand-in-hand with CrossFit. Over the years, this experience developed into a desire to begin coaching, not only because he is passionate about CrossFit and believes in the philosophy, but also because he truly enjoys helping others set goals and work to attain them. He likes to show people that no matter the level of fitness, mobility, or coordination one has, they can do whatever they set their mind to as long as they are willing to put in the work to get there.

Favorite WOD(s): Murph, DT, and anything with bodyweight

Favorite Food: I don't think I have a favorite... I love to eat good food! A few that come to mind...  Seafood - Blue Crabs, Oysters (All ways, but Chargrilled are the favorite!), lobster, crawfish, etc. BBQ - Brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey, southern sides. Steak of course! Veggies - I actually enjoy veggies and try to add them to every matter what.

Hobbies: Just about anything on or in the water. Hiking, camping, riding dirt bikes/four-wheelers, or motorcycles. I also like to travel and experience new places.

What motivates you: Continuous learning and improvement both as an athlete and a coach.



Map - Location


We are at 22378 Three Notch Rd, Lexington Park, MD.  You will see a Smokey Joe's BBQ, Quality Moving Company, and AireCo businesses.  Turn in between the BBQ and Quality Moving Co. and go down the hill to the left of the AireCo building, past the gate (it will look like you are driving in to the moving company warehouses!).  At the bottom of our "hill", turn right into our parking lot and you will see the CrossFit PAX sign and entrance.


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