13 Nov 13

Warm Up:

30 double unders

30 sit ups

30 alternating lunges

As a group- 1 air squat every 5 seconds  for  2 mins “3:1:1” 

Samson Stretch

Strength:  Back Squat 10 sets of 1 (work up to/beyond 1RM)  


8 min AMRAP in teams of 4

Sled Pull 100ft alternating team members

3 team members not pulling sled- max push ups- only one may work at a time

(3 team members must stay inside doing the push ups until the sled-pull team member runs inside and tags one of them.  “winning team” is the one with  the highest score.  Sled pulls are worth 15 points, each push up is worth one)

Cool Down/Accessory Work:

2x max Glute-ham raise

20 Glute bridge

Stretch with Coach