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1 Feb 2014

Saturday, February 1

Warm Up:
200m run
20 overhead squat with PVC
10 pull ups
10 burpees
20 sit ups
Samson Stretch

For Time:
200 overhead squats
EMOM 10 sit ups

L1: pvc/100 squats
L2: 45/35#
L3: 75/55#, 7 knees to elbows

Accessory Work:
3 sets of 10 good mornings
3 sets of 10 goblet squats

Low Back/Shoulders

31 Jan 2014

Friday, January 31

Warm Up
2 mins double unders
2 minutes of air squats 3:1:1
Burgener Warm Up (clean)
20 Push jerk (bar/pvc) alternating from front/back

Samson Stretch

Banded Back Squats
8 sets of 3

Back Squats (from the ground)
KB Swings

L1: 60% 1RM Back Squat, choose KB weight
L2: 155/95, 53/35#
L3: 185/115, 53/35

Accessory Work
3 sets of 5 sotts press
3 sets of 10 dips or tricep extensions (bands)


30 Jan 2014

Thursday, January 30

Warm Up
500m row
30 sit ups
30 overhead squats with pvc/bar
15 parallete shoot throughs
15 push ups

Samson Stretch

Bench Press
15 mins to attain heaviest 10 reps possible

6 rounds, 3 min each
250m row
max T2B to end of 2 min interval
rest 1 min

Accessory Work
3 sets of max pull ups (strict or kipping)
3 sets of 10 Glute Ham Raises

Thoracic Spine
Hip Flexors

29 Jan 2014

Wednesday, January 29

Warm Up
200m run
Junkyard Dog
20 overhead squats with pvc/bar

Burgener Warm Up (clean)
Samson Stretch

15 mins to work up to a 1RM Power Clean

Hang Power Clean
Box Jump
Score = Level/time

L1: 70% 1RM, choose box height
L2: 125/85
L3: 155/105

Accessory Work
3 sets of 10 dips (L1: parallete/box L2/3: rings)
3 sets of 10 good mornings, heavy

Lumbar Spine/Hips

28 Jan 2014

Tuesday, January 28

Warm Up
15 burpees
20 overhead squats with pvc/bar
20 push ups

1 min max sit ups

Samson Stretch

18 min AMRAP
5 KB swings
10 (hand release) push ups
15 goblet squats
20 double unders
score = rounds

L1: choose KB weight
L2: 35/26#
L3: 53/35#

Accessory Work
1-3 max sets of strict pull ups
3 sets of 5 negative pull ups- 10 count
3 min hollow hold

Shoulder/Upper Back

27 Jan 2014

Monday, January 27

Warm Up
Junkyard dog
20 Overhead Squats with PVC

Samson Stretch

Burgener Warm Up (snatch) as a group

8 rounds, increasing weight:
Hang Snatch
2 Overhead Squats
rest 1 min
(score = heaviest set completed unbroken)

Accessory Work
Sotts Press 5 sets of 5 with heaviest weight possible
Glute Ham Raises 2 sets of 10
2-4 sets of 10 Ring Dips (L1: dips with paralletes/box)

Hip/IT Band

Justin Dubose

Justin Dubose, CrossFit PAX Athlete of the Week and mobility master (just a hint of sarcasm), just moved to California so he will miss out on some hearty CrossFit handshakes for his accomplishments and for sharing a little bit about himself with us.  Sorry I didn’t get you up here sooner Justin, but better late than never?!  We expect to see you back to visit so know you’re congrats will be waiting!

With the Open coming up I believe the main thing I wanted to highlight about Justin will be very appropriate.   Justin is coachable.  This word is a bit strange and not used often outside of athletics, so here is the definition I will use: Someone who is committed to their own development, who is hungry for feedback from others and open to anything that may improve themselves.

For the most part, if you join CrossFit PAX, or any CrossFit affiliate, you probably want to be coached, right?! However, sometimes our drive to achieve causes us to temporarily forget the process.  No one is above this and in many ways this same drive is what makes the best athletes so good.  The best athletes are able to strike an effective balance.  They know when it’s time to get mechanics and consistency down, and they know when its appropriate to really turn it on.  They also know that good instruction will ultimately make them better, and are open to listen.

Justin has always struck this balance very well and I believe this is going to contribute to his success on his CrossFit journey.  It isn’t easy on the ego to have someone take weight off the bar, but Justin sought out tough instruction, asked good questions, and if he didn’t understand how to apply a cue he would ask. Sounds simple enough, but it really does show his commitment to personal improvement and not just a commitment to a better time or weight on the white board.  So thank you, Justin, for helping to foster that environment and for your humility!

As the Open is upon us and it is time for many of our athletes to really turn up the intensity, let’s remember this point… drive home those mechanics NOW so the intensity can be applied with perfect efficiency!  Let’s help each other remember that our ultimate goal is improved fitness, health and longevity, and competition should be a stepping stone in that path rather than a hurdle.

Now let’s hear from about our now Southern California livin’ brother, Justin:

“I started CrossFit because I wanted to make some big improvements in my overall fitness.  The old model of chest day, back day, legs day, etc. got really old and repetitive; I found it easy to justify skipping days for other priorities.  I had done some CrossFit workouts here and there on deployments, and I loved the motivation of doing time and endurance based workouts with other people.

Initially I was a little intimidated, as I could barely do 10 pull-ups (I could never see myself doing a muscle-up), and a lot of the exercises like handstand push-ups and heavy olympic lifts seemed way above my fitness level.  The awesome thing I soon realized was that everything was much more attainable than I thought.  I finally figured out how to kip, and a few months later I finally got my first muscle-up, which felt awesome.  I can front squat more than I used to back squat, I’m dead lifting twice my body weight (I used to be nervous about 50% of that weight), I can finally bench more than my body weight (235 from 185), and I can string together 50 unbroken double-unders (from 2 a year ago).  It was also really nice to see my Navy PRT numbers shattered when I had plateaued for the last 5 years (especially shaving 30 seconds off my 500 yard swim).  Most of my accomplishments were far past the goals I had set for myself, and I’m really happy about that.  There are a lot of incredible athletes at CrossFit PAX—many of them much stronger/fitter than me—but I just turned 34, and I’m in the best shape of my life.

My goals…I’d really like to see some big improvements on my olympic lifts, like snatching my body weight.  I’d like to add on another 50 pounds to my bench, figure out bar muscle-ups, knock my 1.5 mile run time below 9:45, do 20 unbroken dead hang pull-ups, and do butterflies without looking like an idiot.

The #1 reason for my success is the CrossFit PAX community.  There is no greater motivator during a hard metcon than knowing you’re being paced by the guy next to you and not wanting to get passed.  I’ve never experienced a more encouraging (and non-judgmental) atmosphere between athletes, which is surprising considering how strong that Kool-Aid can be.

My advice to anyone starting out: don’t be intimidated.  Go in head-first with a good open-minded attitude, because anyone can see huge benefits from the programming.  The good thing about starting out with less experience is that you’ll probably see bigger, faster improvements than a lot of the elite athletes—the hard part is pushing through barriers when you’ve been doing this kind of thing for a while.

One thing I’ve realized over this past year—in my opinion, CrossFit isn’t about lifting more, going faster, joining a [really fit] “fraternity” of sorts, or looking great in your swimsuit (although these are all great benefits).  It’s about finding out just what your body and mind are capable of…and then doing more; pushing yourself to and through your limit when you think you don’t have anything left.

Joining CrossFit PAX was by far the best part of my tour here in SoMD.  Every one of the coaches is awesome, and if I start naming names I’ll inevitably leave some people out.”

Fair winds and following seas, brother.  Let us know when you get that bodyweight snatch.  God willing, we will all be here if you come back to visit so drop us a line.  Stay humble, stay strong, and keep setting the example!

Julio Zarate, CrossFitting Swimmer and Painter?!

How awesome is this picture?  Meet Julio Zarate, swim coach for St Mary’s College, CrossFitter, and painter extraordinaire!  Yup, this guy never ceases to surprise his CrossFit community.  Before we get into a bit of his story, check out this dude’s artwork- its awesome!  Julio Paints

So it goes without saying that Julio is a great athlete, but here is a little bit about his history in swimming, how he stumbled upon CrossFit, and what it has done for him and his athletes:

“I was a competitive swimmer for about 12 years. I swam on a club team the produced some of the greatest male swimmers of all time including 3 different world record holders. I was a team record holder on that team and just missed Olympic Trials in 2000 summer after my senior year of High School.  I just learned about CrossFit about a year and a half ago when doing research on strength and conditioning programs for my swimmers.  After the first day I knew I had stumbled on to something great. The rest, as they say, is history.

I joined CrossFit PAX after getting my level one cert. Prior to the certification class I had never set foot in a CrossFit gym or had done a ‘wod’ in a group. The Level 1 certification put on by CrossFit HQ was great, so after leaving and coming back home I knew I needed to find a Box to join because that experience was so much better than the solo workouts I was doing at the College.

Since joining CrossFit PAX, I have improved everywhere- my strength, my endurance, my lifting technique, my confidence- everywhere.  My biggest changes might be in strength. Before starting I struggled to deadlift 225, and now my PR is 405 and my goal is 450 on my way up to 500

The best part is the coaching, and I am not just saying that because I am a coach myself and think coaches need more credit. Having someone there to have eyes on you to tell you if you are doing things right or push you is an incredibly beneficial thing.  I am a regular of Jen’s classes and she is great.

I was a competitive swimmer for about 12 years. I swam on a club team the produced some of the greatest male swimmers of all time, 3 different world record holders. I was a team record holder on that team and just missed Olympic Trials in 2000 summer after my senior year of High School.  I personally don’t swim as much anymore these days. When I do get in I can feel the added strength right away, and a little more strength and awareness in my midline and core.

I started using CrossFit in my swim coaching, and for my athletes it has been huge. They are a lot more explosive and the confidence they have gained from going through some of the workouts doing skills like handstand pushups is impressive.

The advice I would give to someone new just jumping into CrossFit is to not be too critical of yourself. I was a pretty high level athlete growing up and in college so I thought I will jump into this and should be pretty good at it right away and be able to keep up with just about anybody: wrong… I think CF can be hard for people when they first start because they walk in the door and see all these great athletes doing all of these crazy things while they are struggling with the warm up. Just focus on your own improvement. Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t compare yourself to someone who has been in the gym everyday for the last 2 plus years. CF is about improving ‘your’ fitness so that ‘you’ can lead a healthier more fulfilling life. Competition is great and at the heart of what CF is about but have perspective, don’t beat yourself up, and come back tomorrow.”

Great advice from a great athlete and coach!  We are glad you stayed humble and stuck with it and are seeing some great gains, Julio!

So, CrossFit PAX, are we ready for our first swim WOD on Saturday, February 8th with Coach Julio!  Details to come!

Kristina Burke

This week the CrossFit PAX community is celebrating the accomplishments of Kristina Burke, CrossFit PAX Athlete of the Week.  Kristina is pictured above, rocking the volleyball court during the 2013 Deaflympics.  The deaflympics or “International Silent Games” have been going on since 1924 and the program continues to grow to include a wide spectrum of sports and nations.  Last summer, Kristina joined CrossFit PAX to help her in preparation for the 22nd Summer Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Her natural athleticism was immediately evident and she continues to amaze us with not only her talent and growth as an athlete, but her ability to communicate and participate in the CrossFit PAX community without the ability to hear all that is going on… what a determined and focused lady!  Here is a little bit about her journey with us so far and some advice she has for new athletes beginning CrossFit:

“I heard of CrossFit last February through a good friend of mine who is a member of a CrossFit box in Austin, Texas. We got together in Kentucky last spring for the US Open Volleyball Tournament with my volleyball team preparing for the Summer Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria last August 2013. She explained all of the perks of it and recommended me to become a member. She knows the type of workout I love to do. I always enjoy working out, being competitive, and staying in shape.  She was totally right!  After I joined this box, I fell in love with CrossFit instantly.

CrossFit has exceeded my expectations! I had been working out in June and July to get myself toned up and prepared for the Deaflympics, and it actually paid off!  I played really well and I noticed my speed, explosiveness, endurance, and strength have improved incredibly. It was a huge improvement that my coaches and some teammates even noticed! I am in the best shape I have ever been in!

You would probably laugh at my most proud accomplishment! I have been able to do pull ups which I was unable to do it in my whole life! Not even ONE! This is definitely one thing I am very proud of.​​

I have increased my strength, weights, and made a lot of PRs that I never saw during my time in college.

The goals that I have met are increased strengths in my whole body and increased endurance in any conditioning WODs. My next goals include measurably increasing my upper body lifts.

I would like to thank to all coaches for their patience with me. I know it is challenging to work with a deaf athlete like me. I am able to work out and do WODs with fellow mates without being lost or left out. I know that the coaches’ patience pays off in the end! 😉 ”

Kristina, we want you to know how excited we are about the progress you’ve seen and your dedication to your athletic training!  Thank you for having the courage to come through the door and get started!

Kristina’s advice to new athletes: “Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. There is NO such thing as dumb questions.  Don’t feel self-conscious with what weight you start off with.  The most important part is to acknowledge the technicality and fundamentals that will help you to increase the weights and able to do difficult work outs. You will be able to see more weights and improved performances when the time comes.”

Great advice!  PATIENCE!  It is so important to RESPECT THE PROCESS- whether it be improving mobility,  learning technique,  or building strength… everything we do takes time, concentration, training, and practice.  Mechanics first!

Kristina, we look forward to seeing you in the 2017 Deaflympics and to watching you master technique and fundamentals as you prepare yourself physically and mentally.  To a rockstar ‘double underer’, focused athlete, and classy lady- keep it up!!!  Thanks for calling CrossFit PAX “home” and being an inspiration to us all!

Check it out!


Kristina’s Page!

25 Jan 2014

Warm Up
200m run
10 pullups
20 air squats

Samson stretch

3 sets of 30 sec rings support, 30 sec rest
2 sets of 10 ring dips

100 burpee pull ups for time

Accessory Work:
2 sets of 100m sled pull
2 sets of 10 glute ham raises
2 sets of 10 glute bridge
Stretch with Coach