3 Mar 2014

Warm Up:
250 row
10 pushups
10 pull ups
10 ring dips
20 overhead squats
10 pass throughs

Samson Stretch

Banded Bench Press 2 sets of 12 (10 mins to complete this)

2 min per station, no rest (2 rounds through each station- 20 min WOD)
partner tire push back and forth 1 pt per 2 pushes
rope climbs (alternate, 10 pts per climb)
partner med ball sit ups (throw ball back and forth) 1 pt per 2 tosses
tricep dips (1 pt per 2 dips)
fast feet ladder (5 pt for every run)

Accessory Work
Med Ball Ab Line (class sits in a line across the front of the gym, all facing door. Coach passes med balls to the first person and they pass to the person to their left to work obliques)

Upper Body and Core