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7 June 2014


Muscle Up


2 mins max hand release push ups

then (no rest)

8min AMRAP

5 push press

3 muscle up

L1: 50% 1RM push press

L2: 95/55#

L3: 115/75#

6 June 2014



push press + push jerk x 2


2 attempts for fastest time

sled push

20 burpees

rest approx 3-5 mins between attempts

5 June 2014


work up to a 1RM  squat clean and jerk

Accessory Work

GHD sit ups 3 sets of 5-25

GHR 3 sets of 5-15

Good Mornings 3 sets of 10

4 June 2014


3RM Floor Press

Barbara (with time cap)

5 rounds, 3 min  rest between rounds

20 pull ups

30 push ups

40 sit ups

50 squats

L1: goal of 3 rounds in 25 mins

L2: goal of 4 rounds in 25 mins

L3: goal of 5 rounds in 25 mins

3 June 2014


15 mins to work up to a heavy set of 3


Hang Power Snatch

Knees to Elbows

L1: 45% 1RM Hang Power Snatch

L2: 85/65#

L3: 95/65#

2 June 2014


Work up to a 2RM Front Squat



3 reps Bear Complex

50 double unders

1 rope climb

L1: 40% 1RM Squat Clean

L2: 95/75#

L3: 135/95#, 3 bar muscle ups

Brandon Norris

Question: Who is consistently early to class or at open gym working on his skills, always supporting his fellow athletes, always positive, always humble, always consistent, always coachable, always super nice and encouraging, and is really, really tall?!

Answer: Brandon Norris, CrossFit PAX Athlete of the Week! Brandon may have “stumbled” through the door at the nudging of a few friends, but he definitely isn’t stumbling anymore and is well deserving of some recognition at his one year mark. Brandon sets the standard at the Bunker for drive, determination, and intensity. Plus, he is just a great dude and a supportive, encouraging member of the CrossFit PAX family. We can’t say enough good stuff about Brandon- he really is such a great addition to the family. Brandon had the courage to compete against himself, his friends, and athletes all over the world in the CrossFit Open this year (after only a few months as a member), and had some really impressive performances. He never misses a chance to push himself to his limits and make sure that everyone else is doing the same. Here is what Brandon had to say about his CrossFit experience and goals, plus some words of wisdom for those with the courage to start!

Why did you start CrossFit?  Why CrossFit PAX?

In a way I stumbled onto CrossFit PAX.  A group of friends needed an extra person to sign up for a group fundamentals class and asked if I was interested.  Prior to that moment, I had never really heard of CrossFit. After asking a few questions I agreed to sign up for the class thinking “how bad could it be?”.  After barely completing the modified “Fran” at the end of group fundamentals, I found out just how bad it was going to be.  But I have never looked back and continue to enjoy every workout at CrossFit PAX.

What have you accomplished in your time so far?

Since starting last June I have accomplished a fair amount with strength, endurance and mobility.  Before joining crossfit PAX I had never been exposed to workouts involving olympic lifting.  Since starting I have noticed improvements in my abilities to execute lifts and maintain a level of confidence during them that I didn’t have when I joined the gym.  I’ve recently become mobile enough to get into a full depth 95 lb squat snatch.  When I started, getting to the bottom with 15 lbs overhead was challenging.

What are you most proud of accomplishing?

So far, my proudest accomplishment is finishing the 2014 CrossFit Open.  I originally wasn’t going to sign up but after some convincing from some of the other members, I decided to give it a go.  It truly was a life changing competition and after each workout I looked forward to the next.  Even though I was not completely satisfied with all of my workout performances, I realized that my abilities as a CrossFit athlete have come a long way since joining the gym last June and that was something that I could be proud about.

What are your goals?

I currently have a very long list of goals. In general, I want to improve on endurance, strength, agility, mobility, and efficiency.  Some of the things at the top of the list are: stringing 10 handstand pushups, stringing 75 double unders, stringing 7 muscle ups, and squat snatching 135 lbs. I’ve also signed up for a tough mudder this summer for the first time that I’m really excited about competing in.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit and CrossFit PAX?

The main things that I enjoy about CrossFit are the variety of the workouts and the people that are a part of the community.  I’ve never once walked in and said this is boring and I really like that about the programming.  The gym atmosphere at CrossFit PAX is also great, everyone is very positive and they push each other to succeed and perform at a higher level than they thought previously possible.  I am very grateful to have found a community of individuals this passionate about meeting their goals.

What advice do you have for someone interested in starting?

CrossFit is for people of all ages and ability levels.  Come out to one of the free classes and give it a go.  When I started CrossFit, I scaled the majority of the workouts, and there is nothing wrong with that.  CrossFit is about bettering your fitness level and everyone has to start somewhere.  You just have to be willing to take the first step and not give up if you fail to meet a goal.  Failure only shows you a weakness, which you and you alone have the ability to overcome.

31 May 2014



2 rounds: push press, split jerk

at 55% Jerk 1RM


15 min max row, alternating every 500m with partner

30 May 2014


Back Squat at 65% 1RM




double unders

sit ups

29 May 2014


Olympic Weightlifting Total


8 min to achieve highest consecutive double unders