21 July 2014

Warm Up
L1-3 Sets- 1.Kip Attempts x3
2.Dead-hang pull-ups x5 (Bands if needed)
3.Tuck L-hang x 10Sec
4. Kettlebell Swings x10

L2/3 3 Sets-1.Dead-hang pull ups x5 (add weight if needed or work Kips)
2.Muscle-up rows x3
3.Tuck L-sit on rings? 10sec
4.Back Extensions x10

20 minutes to Work to a heavy set of
1 Clean
1 Hang Clean
4 Front Squat

L1: coach led EMOM 10 with pvc/bar 1 Hang Clean, 4 front Squat then 10 minutes to practice
L2/3: self paced working up to heavy set

15 Thrusters
30 double unders