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6 November 2014

5 rounds of:
Min 1 2 Shoulder to Overhead from ground
L1: 70% 1RM Jerk
L2: 135/115
L3: 185/135
Min 2 4 Pull Ups
L3: C2B
Min 3 6 Deadlift (same weight)

Mobility Day!

5 November 2014



Pull Ups

Rope Climb

Push Ups



5×2 60%

Squat snatch from high hang  

Squat snatch from below knee


For time

10 snatch

20 Box Jumps 24/20

30 T2B

40 Air squats


On Ramp: 10 snatch, 15 box jump, 20 beat swings, 30 air squats

L1: as written/scaled

L2: 24/20″, 95/75#

L3: 24/20″, 135/115#

3 November 2014


5×2 60% of 1rm 1
Clean from high hang
Clean from low hang
Split Jerk

Speed Dating
2 Rounds for Max Reps:
1min max Wallballs
1min Rest
1min max Burpees to target
1min Rest
1min max Double Unders
1min Rest

Calvin Farmer

Congratulations to this weeks Athlete of the Week, Calvin Farmer! Calvin is best known for putting up some pretty impressive scores on the running WODs and is a regular 6am WOD crusher who has come a long way since day 1 at the Bunker. Since last June, Calvin has checked in nearly 200 times. His consistency in and out of the Bunker and his willingness to get outside of his “comfort zone” have brought him very far in that time. Calvin is focused and always prepared, coachable and driven, and he is not afraid to try new things and work on those elements of his fitness that aren’t as developed as say… his endurance. Calvin and his wife, Natalie, are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy being active together. They are pictured above, crushing Murph for the first time! For busy professionals with demanding careers, there will always be a list of excuses as to why fitness and health just are too hard to fit in the schedule… but these guys are making it a daily habit and their discipline is paying off. Here is a little bit about Calvin’s journey and goals, and some advice for the new folks:

 When did you start with CrossFit PAX and what brought you in the door?

I have been in or around a gym for most of my life.  However, when my wife and I moved to Leonardtown in 2012 I decided to build a gym in our new home.  My plan was to wake up every morning, go downstairs, and proceed to get ripped!  But…after about a year I realized that it just wasn’t there.  I was having trouble doing a workout that really meant something.  My regimen was feeling stale and I was unmotivated.  I knew that I needed a bigger challenge, and I heard that CrossFit could deliver.

What was it like starting out? 

Starting out with Crossfit was very intimidating.  I remember the first day I stopped by the bunker to get some information.  Jennifer was working the front desk and gave me some info when all of a sudden someone came flying through the door, looked back quickly at the clock, and immediately fell to the ground.  I don’t know who that was, but he looked exhausted and must have just finished a tough WOD.  I immediately thought “I don’t care how much a membership is…this is EXACTLY what I am looking for.”  The rest is history.

What has changed in your life since starting CrossFit? 

The biggest change in my life since starting Crossfit is a change in fitness goals.  I used to spend time in the gym with the goal of getting “HUGE.”  Clearly, that hasn’t worked out so well.  But now that I’m with Crossfit, I don’t care about being big…I just want to be strong, no matter what size my body is.  Now I just care about performing well in the Open or other competitions.

Tell us a little about your diet. 

My diet has changed in a big way.  I don’t necessarily eat different foods, but I put a lot more rigor into selecting the foods that I buy.   I try to buy as much of our food locally as possible.  And now I pay much more attention to the use of chemicals and antibiotics in the food that I eat.  I feel better in the gym and I am supporting local businesses.  My diet mostly consists of local fruits, vegetables, and lots of meat.  Dinner is usually one vegetable, a meat, and sometimes a starch (rice, potato) or bread.  I do love my bread.  However, I make my own bread every week, so I justify it to myself with “it can’t be that bad, right?”I also take a Fish Oil supplement and drink tons of water.  Seriously, a ton of water.  You may see me break off and use the bathroom a few times during a workout.  

What have you accomplished in the past year? 

Since joining Crossfit PAX, I have moved outside of my comfort zone with respect to Olympic lifting.  I usually shied away from cleans, jerks, and snatches.  Probably because they are actually quite technical, or maybe because it was just easier to pick up some dumbbells and do bicep curls (again).  But now, I have added a lot of weight to my deadlift PR and I actually feel comfortable with cleans and snatches.

What are you most proud of accomplishing?

I am most proud of completing 14.5 in the last Crossfit Open.  The thrusters in that workout were incredibly difficult for me, but I pushed through it and completed the workout.  Special thanks to Kyle and Darren for pushing me during that nightmare.

What advice would you give to the new folks? 

I would advise new folks to not wait to sign up.  If you are considering Crossfit at all, just get in and get started.  Once you’re here, ease yourself into it.  Don’t try to put up big numbers because you feel like you need to be on par with everyone else, or because you will feel embarrassed.  One thing I like about everyone at PAX is that they are supportive and encouraging no matter what your back squat PR is.  This is a great community that I am lucky to be a part of.

Calvin, that sub 18 5K is coming soon! We can feel it and can’t wait to be a part of the excitement when you crush that goal as well as all the others. Thank you for trusting us to coach you and for being part of the 6am PAX family. Keep doing what you’re doing and the best is yet to come!

1 November 2014

Bring your friends and come see what we do at CrossFit PAX!
sign up at www.crossfitpax.com

Running Club
Fartlek Run and Pre-Race Nutrition Discussion

Olympic Lifting Class
Snatch 5×1
Clean and Jerk 5×1
Accessory Work: Chin Ups

Competition Class
Pull Up Strength/Skill Work
WOD: “Reverse Jackie”

31 October 2014



10 RFT of:

3 Power Snatches, L3.135/95L2.115/75

15 Wall Balls

On Ramp/L1: 5 rounds of 3 hang power snatch with barbell/pvc, 10 wall ball, 12 min AMRAP (or 10 rounds)

30 October 2014

5×3 OHS

7 rounds
On the 3:00 (stagger heats by 1-2 mins)
Run 400m
12 GHD sit ups

29 October 2014



10 mins to find heavy Clean+Hang Clean+Jerk

then 3 sets at approximately 20 lbs less then that


Row 5x300m 1 min rest between rounds

28 October 2014



Amrap 10

5 Power Clean

15 T2B

Partner: max box jumps

Score = box jumps

On-Ramp: hang power clean (barbell), box jumps, sit ups

L1: K2E or beat swings

L2: 135/95#

L3: 155/115#