Lauryn Nutter

Lauryn and Katie Nutter, the unstoppable mother-daughter duo!

This week we recognize Lauryn Nutter as CrossFit PAX Athlete of the Week! Lauryn has been a member for just over a year and has been to class more than 250 times. Coaching Lauryn and being part of her journey has been a a joy for the staff at CrossFit PAX- the energy, ambition, and enthusiasm she brings to her training has helped her see some huge gains and improvements in every area of her fitness. As a senior in high school who was also in sports and working a part time job, Lauryn managed to make no excuse to miss her workouts. Her determination has paid off, and we are so proud of how far she has come as an athlete and pumped to see where this tough lady goes as she heads to college this fall. Not only is Lauryn talented (she had the heaviest clean and jerk for teens in Maryland int he 2015 Open!), but she works hard, asks questions, and is incredibly coach-able. It may help that she has a great example in her mom, Katie, but this journey is one that ultimately Lauryn has made the decision to do for herself and her own health and future. We are blessed to have them both on Team PAX and look forward to seeing the Nutter family continue to be a big part of the family at CrossFit PAX.

What brought you to CrossFit PAX?

My mom, she had been doing it for about a year already. I thought she was crazy, and the gym had turned her into some monster because all she wanted to do was work out! Little did I know a year later I would be a “monster” too!

What was it like getting started?

It was a journey. I was surrounded by so many different levels of fitness. While I had been a cheerleader in school and wasn’t new to exercise, being part of a community like this was new to me. I was surrounded by a lot of different types of people, ability levels and talents. It was humbling, challenging, and fun. It is of course a struggle trying to be as good as the person next to you, but that is what kept me coming back. Me pushing myself to be the best I could be and never wanting to stop until I was just that.


Lauryn completing pull ups in her second Murph, on Memorial Day 2015. She cut her time in half from last year!


How long have you been a member and what has changed in your life during that time due to your experience with CrossFit PAX?

I have been a member for about a year now. If anyone asked me what I am most thankful for in my life, of course my first answer would be my mom, and second would be the bunker. CrossFit PAX has been a place where we have had so much time to bond, to strengthen our relationship, and ourselves (literally!). I have also been so lucky to meet so many new people and become a part of such a great community.

Making friends, then carrying them.

What have you accomplished
In this past year I have competed in my first two competitions, I competed in the CrossFit Open, I was able to do Memorial Day Murph twice, the second time cutting my time in half. I will also be competing in my first team competition with some of the people I am most thankful for, my friends, my coaches, and my mother.


What are you most proud of accomplishing?
I can do things now that I never would have imagined! Having the highest clean and jerk in Maryland for teens in the Open this year has really has blown me away. Tt shows me I have potential, and gives me hope. I like to focus on my weaknesses, and I hope that will help me to grow as an athlete and continue to improve.


Handstand fun with Coach John at Festivus!

What are some of your favorite workouts or experiences with CrossFit PAX and your family there?

I don’t think many people would say this, but Fran. I know, it sucks. I know, it hurts, and I love to see people’s face when that is the WOD. I was amazed that recently I completed Fran with 65#, unscaled, and unbroken thrusters and in LESS TIME than in took me a year ago with just an empty barbell and jumping pull ups!

I also enjoy doing Murph with my CrossFit family on Memorial Day. I love to see how it can bring us all together. We are one family accomplishing one workout, for one very important reason, and there is no better feeling than that you gave it your all for someone who did the most honorable thing for us as Americans.

What are your short term and long term goals?
My short term goals as of right now are to maximize my time left at CrossFit PAX and really just have fun! As I am leaving for college very soon it will pain me to have to leave what I love the most back at CrossFit PAX. However it makes me thankful and ready to take on my long term goals of hopefully one day making it to the CrossFit Games. I am thankful for all the push and encouragement that I have received here at CrossFit PAX and I can’t wait to take it with me to whatever box I travel to in the future.

How has your diet changed since starting, and what foods do you rely on most?
I have tried the Whole30, I have tried Paleo, but what I find best for me and most likely best for any athlete is Zone. I am never left starving, you don’t have to struggle to meet your blocks, heck, you can literally Zone anything. It keeps me fit and makes me feel most strong when it comes to “diets” it is honestly just a way of life now in the Nutter household.

Lauryn and Coach Stan singing karaoke at the 2015 Barbell Ball. Despite being one of the youngest members, Lauryn is not shy! She sets the example as a teammate and friend, and is always up for a good time!

What advice do you have for our newer members or those thinking about jumping in?

Give it your all. Everything in CrossFit is able to be scaled. Nothing should ever intimidate you because I promise you will come out of the work out feeling so much better. If you see something you hate, make yourself go that day especially. It’s about bettering yourself as a whole. Hypothetically speaking you cannot get around everything you hate in life, so you push yourself to eventually become okay with it; even maybe you end up loving it. That’s what CrossFit became to me, something where I could find my weaknesses and face them to become the best at them. I would never change my decision to be a CrossFit athlete, it is honestly one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my life.

Lauryn, you are an inspiration at the Bunker. We plan to make the most of our training time with you this summer and will surely be keeping up with your progress as you go to college! Thank you for being such an important part of the family and for setting the example in work ethic and energy. We love to see you walk through the doors with a huge smile, ready to learn and push your limits! Keep up the great work! The best is yet to come!