Gail Miller- Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Gail Miller, the CrossFit PAX October Athlete of the Month.   Gail comes to class and works hard every day.  She is always trying to her improve her skills and fitness and dedicates extra time to doing so. She always encourages other athletes in class and inspires everyone with her work ethic.  Congratulations Gail!  You are a wonderful member of our community and we are proud of your efforts and progress.  Here is a little about Gail’s journey at CrossFit PAX.

1.  What or who brought you to CrossFit PAX?
I was inspired by the changes I saw in my coworker, Jaclyn Maynard. Another friend, Althea Fejes, was a member which helped as well (she’s my age). I have never done anything like Crossfit before. I knew I do better in a class than on my own. I was very out of shape, had put on 20 pounds since working at PAX (started 2011), and needed something that would let me see progress from hard work. CrossFit PAX was my solution.
2.  What was it like getting started?
Hard. Everything was new to me. I had never heard the term burpee before stepping into the bunker. I’m still learning how to do them properly. From learning new vocabulary to learning new movements, my Coaches and classmates helped me improve and do so safely. Everyone was welcoming. My Coaches and classmates encouraged me each and every time I came to class.
3.  How long have you been a member and what has changed in your life during that time due to your experience with CrossFit PAX?
I joined March 2015. So many things have changed in my life since joining Crossfit. I started coming 2x a week and now show up 4x (and sometimes 5x) a week. I competed in a diet and fitness challenge this year (1/2016) which changed my breakfast. All of these changes resulted in a 20 pound weight loss.
4.  What are you most proud of accomplishing?
Going to class when I know it’s a hard WOD. I haven’t mastered anything yet but I’m getting better. My first double under was a big deal to me as well.
5.  What are some of your favorite workouts or experiences with CrossFit PAX and your family there?
Favorite workouts? I enjoy tire flipping. I remember being really intimidated the first time I saw folks doing it. I even wondered if I should simply walk back up the hill and skip class that day. It was a partner WOD. It was a first for both of us. My partner and I successfully flipped tires together and re-entered the bunker feeling “large and in charge”.
 Favorite experiences? The best part of CrossFit PAX is its community. I’m thrilled that someone my age fits in with people decades younger.
6.  What are your short term and long term goals?
I’m still chasing the elusive double under (I can string 2 together). Long term, I would like to do a pull up or rope climb. Coach Christine’s been working with me on the rope climbs, breaking down the steps, so I’m hopeful.
7.  How has your diet changed since starting CrossFit (if it has), and what foods do you rely on most?
I totally rely on baked potatoes. I refer to my current breakfast as potatoes with mature eggs (i.e. chicken). I add ketchup (so I can pretend that the baked potatoes are French fries). It’s really helped me not only lose weight but stay satisfied.
8.  What advice do you have for our newer members or those thinking about jumping in?
I’d like to share some advice from Coach Brandon….
When I’m intimidated by the workout, Brandon will remind me that whatever the number of reps that have been assigned for that workout are… there could have been one more….and there isn’t…..and that really helps.