Thursday, October 19, 2017

WOD:  In teams of 2 complete the following in any order.   Each individual part should be timed.

A: Sled Push 50m 


*First partner goes; then second partner goes, then add plate.  Number above signifies # of plates. 50m is round trip.

L3: 45/25 # plates

L2: 35/15 # plates

L1: 15/10# plates

B:  1000 ft Burpee Broad-jumps

*Athletes complete 100ft of burpee broad jumps at a time.  Each will have 5 rounds.   Partner not doing burpee broad jumps must walk alongside partner carrying 2 kettlebells.  If kettlebells get put down, partner must stop burpee box jumps.  

L3: 2/1.5 L2: 1.5/1  L1: Scale