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Our Philosophy

We strive to provide TOP NOTCH COACHING.  Our goal is to impact your life in a positive way- whether you are with us for a few days or a few years, we want to impart with you the knowledge, resources, and skills you need to reach your full potential and the confidence that you are able to do it.  Our coaching staff is a tight knit community of passionate and dedicated athletes focused on sharing information and goals so we can improve alongside you.  We all have a desire to serve individuals in our community because at some point a coach came alongside us and did the same.  We believe coaches change lives for the better.

We strive to provide quality, efficient PROGRAMMING.  Anyone can write a ‘hard’ workout and crank up the music, but to get our athletes to reach their full potential we know there is a lot more involved.  Our programming is unique to our gym- we combine the knowledge and experience of our coaches and are constantly researching new methods and improving.  At the core of our programming is our CrossFit Program and Workout of the Day, or “WOD”. We plan our program in four week cycles, working to develop each athlete’s strength, power, stamina, speed, coordination, and endurance.  Our daily mobility or accessory work aides in improving range of motion, strength, and flexibility.  We believe the key to top notch programming is sound research and humility- we never want to stop learning more about human performance.

We strive to foster an encouraging, positive, energetic sense of COMMUNITY.  This is the intangible aspect that our coaches have ignited but our athletes have taken it to a level we hadn’t dreamed of- our athletes take care of each other and push each other and us to new levels.   They keep us on our toes.  They are amazing people each with their own story and they are what makes us unique.  Whether it be team or partner workouts, community service projects, or social events, we are always looking for ways to build a stronger team by getting to know each other in and out of the gym.  We believe that a positive community will push us all to be more than we could have been on our own.

We strive to provide the RESOURCES our athletes need to have an impact in their sphere of influence.  We believe that in order to carry out our vision we need each of our members to take their knowledge of fitness and nutrition to their sphere of influence- their families, jobs, churches, and teams.  We believe that a well-read, inquisitive client is the best type because they will continue to push us to be our best.  We want to inspire in each person the desire to learn and grow in the area of health and fitness and to give them what they need to do so.  We believe in the power of knowledge.

We strive to maintain a clean, organized, up to date FACILITY.  We have been blessed with a large space and great equipment.  We strive to take good care of what we have through keeping it clean and well maintained and asking our athletes to do the same.  In doing so, we are able to invest more back into what we have.  Our wish list of equipment and upgrades will happen faster if we take care of what we already have.  We believe in stewardship of our resources.

We strive to have the highest standards of PROFESSIONALISM in our field.  Even when we are a sweaty mess, we want to give you our best.  We strive to always put our athletes first, to treat all with respect, and to represent the CrossFit community, our gym, and our staff with integrity while setting the example.  We will strive to give you all our very best and to uphold our standards in and out of the gym.  We want to hear your feedback on how we are doing.  We believe in integrity and commitment to constant improvement.