Adam Cook – Head Coach



Adam has been a lifelong athlete from playing football at a young age to running track and field in both High school and College. Adam was an elementary physical education teacher for 10 years before joining the team at CrossFit PAX. Adam has always enjoyed the physical challenges of sport and CrossFit is a perfect way to scratch that itch, every day has a new challenge to attack. Adam enjoys all the aspects of coaching watching athletes grow as well as coaching athletes into getting stronger and improving and learning new skills. Adam also programs and coaches the Crossfit Kids an Teens classes here at CrossFit PAX.


Favorite WOD: Running WODs, and Grace and Isabelle

Favorite Food: Pizza and Chinese food

Hobbies: Board games with family and friends, things that get me outside

What Motivates Adam?: Doing things inside and outside of the gym that challenge me both physically and mentally.

CREDENTIALS: CF Level 1, CF Level 2, Maryland certified Physical Education Teacher (k-12)