Amie started CrossFit in December of 2012 because she was looking for a more consistent exercise routine. Amie grew up playing sports and ran cross country and track and although those are individual events, she always thrived on being part of a team. What she loves about CrossFit is that it challenges her to do things she never thought possible, but also that there is a strong sense of community within the gym. As a physical therapist Amie enjoys helping people reach physical goals and she immediately wanted to learn about the movements and reasoning behind CrossFit’s philosophy. As much as Amie enjoys making her own improvements, it is gratifying to watch her friends, gym mates and patients achieve their goals. Amie is looking forward to being a part of the CrossFit Pax coaching staff!

Favorite WOD: Murph, anything bodyweight, long chippers

Favorite Food: Steak, sushi, tacos, beer

Hobbies: spending time with her husband, son and friends, CrossFit, running, music

What Motivates Amie? As an athlete she is motivated by challenges, competing with friends and achieving new skills. As a coach Amie is motivated by helping athletes move better and watching them crush goals!


Doctorate of Physical Therapy

CrossFit Level 1