Amy has always been athletic and, growing up, she found that sports helped her to be a better student and person in general.  Amy played lacrosse in college and after college she started running marathons and ultra-marathons to stay in shape.  She found CrossFit PAX just before it opened in 2012, but didn’t join until March 2013 because she didn’t want to give up her obsessive running routine.  Soon after starting, Amy fell in love with the variety that CrossFit offers and the constant challenge to learn a new movement or PR a lift.  Amy has never looked back!  Every single day she looks forward to her time at the gym whether she is working out or coaching a class—it’s definitely her most favorite time of the day!  Amy has also learned that helping a fellow athlete reach a PR or learn a new movement is 1000x more rewarding than doing it herself.

Favorite WOD: Anything long and heavy and mentally challenging.  Amy also really loves 14.3.

Favorite Food: All vegetables (except raw onions) and froyo with all the toppings.  It is all about balance:)

Hobbies: Crossfit 🙂 Hiking, camping, climbing, geeking out about nutrition.

What Motivates Amy? Challenges. Fear.  If she thinks there is something that she is incapable of doing or that she is scared of doing, Amy has to do it to prove herself wrong.


CrossFit Level 1