Brittney started Crossfit in 2012 when her sister dragged her to a CF class in Springfield, IL, where she is originally from.  Her sister is also a Crossfit Coach and has motivated Brittney to pursue Crossfit over the years.  Since Brittneys first class, she has been addicted to Crossfit and met many good friends from the Crossfit community.  Brittney played many sports in high school and raced motocross for a very short time before heading to college.  Brittney still likes to ride dirt bikes with her husband Ryan and explore new places/ opportunities.  Brittney and Ryan are currently expecting their first child, Rylie, who will (of course) be a Crossfit kid!  Brittney and Ryan moved to Maryland in January 2016 and since then have been part of the Crossfit Pax community.

Favorite WOD:  Any WOD with Overhead Squats!

Favorite Food:  Chicken Marsala!

Hobbies:  Motocross, hanging out with my cats- Beatrice and Tux, craft beer tasting, nerd science stuff, and CHRISTMAS!

What Motivates Brittney?:  Her husband Ryan, friends and family, healthy competition between her and her sister Ashley.



CF Scaling Certificate

CF Spot the Flaw Certificate