Growing up, Calvin was active out of necessity. It was practical needs, such as chopping wood for the wood stove or moving stone for the driveway. However, Calvin began running in high school and has been an avid runner ever since. He has completed multiple half-marathons, marathons, and ultra-marathons. He has practiced Tae Kwon Do since 2004 and currently teaches the art locally. Calvin has been a member of CrossFit PAX since 2013, and has not looked back. He has a lot of room to improve in WODs that involve heavy weights, but feels more comfortable in the longer WODs that require the athlete to “just keep moving.”

Favorite WOD:  Whitten

Favorite Food:  Cheesesteaks

Hobbies:  Hiking, Traveling, Teaching Tae Kwon Do

What Motivates Calvin?: To be a positive role model for his son.



4th Degree Master Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do