Jennifer “JPP”

Jennifer has dabbled in many different exercise programs from Zumba and aerobics, to martial arts and strength training, but without consistency.   At age 29, she ran her first 5K and a true love of running was born.  After training for, and running her first half-marathon, Jennifer was attracted to CrossFit as a complement to running, and as a way to incorporate a more varied approach to fitness.  She started CrossFit in 2013 and received her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate in 2014.  Jennifer has since run countless half-marathons and credits CrossFit’s “constantly varied, functional movements, executed at a high intensity” for considerably reducing the volume of running required for effective race training.  She is a firm believer in a diverse and well-rounded fitness program, in addition to the CrossFit methodology, and leads the CrossFit PAX community in ROMWOD mobility routines weekly.  Jennifer enjoys the physical challenge CrossFit delivers and the community spirit it lends itself to.  For her, it is encouraging to watch fellow coaches and athletes at all levels push beyond the limits they self-impose, breaking through mental and physical barriers.  Jennifer is repeatedly inspired by the CrossFit community at large, and has an affinity for coaching, especially those who may be intimidated or just starting out.

Favorite WOD:  Anything with Running, Rope Climbs, Deadlifts, or Power Cleans

Favorite Food:  Tacos, Sushi, Pizza and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hobbies:  When Jennifer is not traveling, she enjoys practicing yoga, cooking new recipes, spending time with loved ones, and being a Cat-Mom and Aunt.

What Motivates Jennifer?  Jennifer is motivated and encouraged by CrossFit’s infinite scalability.  It makes the workouts suitable for all ages and skill levels, especially beginners.  Properly building upon scaling options over time can lead to improved range of movement and increased strength. Offering appropriate scaling options and delivering coaching cues that result in immediate feedback from the athlete is very gratifying for Jennifer.


CF-L1 Trainer

CrossFit Scaling Course