Why did you start CrossFit?
I started CrossFit because my sister did. She wanted to get in shape for her wedding and decided running a half marathon and doing CrossFit was the way to go. I signed to run the half marathon but stuck with my at home workout subscription for the time being. After she’d been doing CrossFit for a few months and said how much she liked the classes, I signed up for an intro class at a gym in my town and dove right into a fundamentals class by the end.
Why did you become a coach?
I’ve always liked teaching (I was a high school teacher for four years and still work on education) and got my L1 through my current job. I’ve always wanted to take the L1 course and to coach one day but never thought I’d get the opportunity so soon. I like being able to help and encourage others on their fitness journey, even those who are further along than I am!
How long have you been doing CrossFit?
I started In January 2019, took a break after getting pregnant with my son in January 2020 which ended up lasting through the pandemic, and got back in the box in March 2021.
How has CrossFit helped you?
CrossFit has helped me become an overall fit person. I was a competitive cheerleader in high school and a hobby runner in college but had never really participated in this type of organized, overall, functional fitness training. CrossFit has helped to balance out old high school injuries and correct some overuse injuries from running without cross training. It also gives me the energy to get through the day and the confidence to know I can do hard things.
When you aren’t feeling motivated, what gets you to the gym?
A paid membership! All jokes aside, I feel my best when I workout several days a week. The weeks that life gets in the way (work, kids, spouse, it happens), I’m more tired and more irritable at home. I try to make the gym a priority so that I can do my best in other areas of my life.
What is one goal you are working on? 
Getting to the gym is a pretty basic goal but a tough one with a toddler at home. It’s easy to make excuses for why I can’t go, but one of my goals is to prioritize that time for myself. As a mom, I have a bad habit of putting myself last and taking care of everyone else, so a new goal of mine is to take care of me at least a few times a week. The fringe benefit goal of this is that I’m able to keep up with a high energy kiddo!
What movements would you like to get better at?
Gymnastics movements like pull ups and handstand push ups.
What is your favorite thing about CrossFit PAX?
I love the community. It’s not something I planned to like about CrossFit in general. I figured I’d get a good workout and go about my day. But I truly enjoy being at the box, catching up with the other members and coaches in class, and working out together.
What is your favorite movement to teach?
Gymnastics movements, they make the most sense to me mechanically.
Tell us a fun fact about yourself, or something you are passionate about outside of the gym.
I can read entitled novels in one sitting when left to my own devices (pre-baby!). My husband thinks it’s insane.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer