Why did you start CrossFit?
My brother took me to my first class and it was a killer workout so I kept coming back.
Why did you become a coach?
I found myself in the gym for several hours a day and giving pointers to other athletes so I figured why not just stand on the other side of the whiteboard and make it official.
How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Started in the summer of 2013 but took breaks through college. I’ve been doing it year round since May of 2017.
How has CrossFit helped you?
I really struggled finding work in the years immediately following college and CrossFit Pax not only helped me get in the best shape of my life but the community kept me sane and gave me a great social life.
When you aren’t feeling motivated, what gets you to the gym?
Recognizing that goals aren’t just accomplished on their own. If you want something you have to work for it.
What is one goal you are working on?
In the gym, I want to be leaner. I put on weight very easily so it’s a constant battle to maintain the level of fitness I’d like to have. Outside of the gym I’m working on my Spanish and my drumming.
What is one movement you would like to get better at?
I’d like to get better at my Snatch but Push-ups are easily what have the most room for improvement.
What is your favorite thing about CrossFit PAX?
The community is easily the best part of the gym. I’ve met so many people that have changed my life so many times over for the better.
What is your favorite movement to teach?
Olympic lifts and handstands are probably my favorite movements to teach because they are my favorite movements to practice.
Tell us a fun fact about yourself, or something you are passionate about outside of the gym.
I have been playing drums since 2004.

Level 1 Trainer