This nerdy, awkward, former couch potato found CrossFit Pax in May 2013.  As Sarah had never done anything more than attempting to jog on a treadmill or elliptical (unsuccessfully….), gyms in general felt completely overwhelming and intimidating at the time.  So to say the least, it took Sarah some convincing to sign up for fundamentals.   A couple of Saturday sessions later and she was hooked, by both the community at CrossFit PAX and the idea of constantly improving and pushing herself out of her comfort zone. After being a member at Pax for several years, Sarah caught the weightlifting bug.  Still nerdy and awkward as ever, but now she spends her evenings on the oly platform while everyone else dies from burpees.

Favorite WOD: One-thirtieth of Grace or Isabel 😉

Favorite Food: Does coffee count?

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, travel, marathons of the Netflix persuasion


Crossfit Level I

USAW Level I