Growing up Tess was always active and played multiple competitive sports for her high school, travel teams and college. After joining the work force and having children Tess found herself lazy with her exercising and careless with her food intake which quickly increased her weight and started taking a toll on her health. After a few years of dealing with being very overweight she decided this was not who she wanted to be and that it was time for a change. She got on a good diet (lifestyle change) and started working out which eventually led to losing over 100lbs.
In 2012 Tess met Clark and they worked out together in the normal gym scene for a while but quickly realized they both wanted and needed a change, something that would motivate them and push them beyond their limits which is when they found their love for CrossFit. After a few years of doing CrossFit and sharing her journey with her fellow athletes Tess realized she wanted to take her training to the next level and become a coach so that she could continue to help inspire and motive other athletes to keep working and pushing hard to reach their goals!

Favorite WOD: I love Partner WODs and chippers!

Favorite Food: Cadbury Cream Eggs (thank goodness they are year round now……but only indulge on my cheat night!)

Hobbies: Spending time with my family doing anything active such as hiking, swimming,
paddle boarding, surfing, playing sports, etc.

What motivates Tess?:  Seeing where I have come from and hearing my journey motivate others to get fit and healthy



CrossFit Sport Specific

CrossFit Scaling Certification